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Our goal is empower and educate the educators, to disrupt education as it is; starting from where we are. Empowering 10 million teachers in Africa by 2025.

Our project will succeed and cause a huge ripple effect and impact in the Education space, not just in Africa but all around the world.

We are becoming what we are becoming; the change that's needed in global Education.

We believe there is urgent need for innovation in our educational system.

We believe the current system that we have now was developed in other times for other purposes. And this system cannot and will not lead us into the future.

If we want our kids to show us the new world when they get there, we got to shake things up now.

We got to open our minds to new methods, strategies, tools; invent them if we have to. We've got to reinvent ourselves and grow, or grow and reinvent ourselves.
The world has so changed.

Tradition and routine that the philosophers and educational leaders of old laid down for us will not serve us now. We must change.

We need new solutions.

This is our message to school owners, teachers, Educational leaders, and consultants all around the world

This is our contribution to the development of a better society, a better world:: starting from where we are.

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