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Mike Adeyemo


Professional Growth


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Covering 5 core growth areas of every teacher who is making a difference in the world:

  1. Professional,
  2. Social,
  3. Emotional,
  4. Mental,
  5. Physical, and
  6. Spiritual

Full License Certification

30 hours of high value content from the world's finest educationists

Course Description

Become more valuable in the marketplace.
Get knowledge about classroom management
Learn Current and relevant child centered curriculum and the practice of teaching from different continental perspectives and cultural angles.

Learn practical actionable blueprint for creating wealth through teaching and understand your role in preparing the next generation for the challenges of the future

Increase your ability and capacity to make global impact and Increase your effectiveness in the face of changing times
Get better with web3, artificial intelligence, and other 21st century tools for speed and efficient service delivery.

Learn how to grow your school with a simple shift of perspective and Grow in confidence and also maximize your professional impact

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Mike Adeyemo


Am the admin of teach the teacher

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Mike Adeyemo is committed to bringing education to all of Africa through his Train the Teacher program on WhatsApp; an insightful and successful approach to unite and educate teachers for free.

Mike has an incredible passion and desire to help teachers stay relevant with current research and findings to bring education to all children in Africa.

Without any funding and without any income from the project, Mike has dedicated his time and talents to bringing teachers together across Africa.

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