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Mike Adeyemo . 13th Apr, 2022

Teach The Teacher Advertising Program

Hey there! 

We present you with an amazing opportunity to list your school on the number one educational platform in Africa. www.teachtheteacher.xyz and www.teach.teachtheteacher.xyz 

We have made this listing very affordable so everyone can participate Now.

What you're reading now will become such a big deal in the next few months, having millions of schools on the directory, and the price will be 10X!!! 

The value this listing brings is enormous: 

We have the most up-to-date and largest directory of private schools in Africa;

Current and relevant educational research and knowledge; 

Discounts on professional Certification courses from all around the world; 

Access to setup your virtual school and enrol students and teachers from any part of the world increasing the visibility and profitability of your school by at least 150%;

Access to high value content from some of the world's finest educationists and experts in various fields; 

A free website for your school;

And an expansive network of speakers who are willing and ready to assist you, your students, your staff members, and your school on your growth journey.

Subscribe to our advertising program and reach billions of people worldwide while also enjoying our rich repertoire of resources.

This listing is also available to global businesses of all kinds. 

Take advantage of this big move!

Find the local prices below

*Basic Package (Text):*

One month - N2000 

One Term - N5000 

One year - N12000

*Premium Package(flyer/banner):* 

One month - N3500 

One Term - N10000 

One year - N25000 

*Advanced Package (video ad):* 

One month - N5000 

One Term - N12000 

One year - N30000 

For more information please visit

Basic Package (Text):

One month - N2000 --> https://paystack.com/pay/basicpackagetext1

One Term - N5000 --> https://paystack.com/pay/basicpackagetext2

One year - N12000 --> https://paystack.com/pay/basicpackagetext3

Premium Package(flyer/banner): 

One month - N3500 --> https://paystack.com/pay/premiumpackage1

One Term - N10000 --> https://paystack.com/pay/premiumpackage2

One year - N25000 --> https://paystack.com/pay/premiumpackage3

www.teachtheteacher.xyz or www.teach.teachtheteacher.xyz

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